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  • Squash Blossoms in the Hallway is the new front runner for the name of my first (ha!) novel. Today my boss asked the sous chef, "Why are there squash blossoms in the hallway?" and the words just sounded so great together--squash blossoms in the hallway--that I can't stop thinking about them. Especially since the answer is "because there are bees in them."
  • Twitter changed its bird logo and wrote a whole blog post about why, and I appreciate both the change and the explanation, but the fact that this exist already makes me laugh so hard.
  • Gossip Girl is goddamned ridiculous. 
  • Are you following me on Twitter? You should be following me on Twitter.
  • Today I waited on two ladies, one of whom asked me at the end of the meal: "Are you from here?" I told her I'd been in the Bay Area around three years. She said, "I can tell. You are too sweet to be from the Bay Area. Never lose that." 
  • Hilarious. I'm sorry I didn't text this.
  • At work, there's a dish with pig ear in it. Every single day people ask me: "What is pig ear?"
  • I went to the park:



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Small world: At my work, there is a dish with several pigs' ears in it.

Actually, now that some time has passed, I like "the full blossom of the squash."


Best comment ever.

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