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June 01, 2012


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I think I need to have you along on some of the hikes I do, Brittney, since you record the experiential gestalt much better than I ever have. Truly, it's terrific to see a place I've experienced through your eyes.

Incidentally, while elk may be bigger than us and have ginormous antlers, they're really much more afraid of us than we need to be of them. That is, unless a female is protecting her calf and you are being a pest. But fortunately, those Tomales Point Tule Elk are quite habituated to us two-legged coyotes.

Nice day!

On a visit to Jasper National Park in Alberta (you REALLY should go someday), we were surrounded by bighorn sheep and elk literally close enough for us to touch. We were told the bull elk are only dangerous during rutting season, and that is in the fall. YECMV (Your Elk Carnage May Vary).

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