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There is Hope! Awesome Halloween Costume Conversation at the Lady Salon

Yesterday was my birthday. I got a World Series sweep. No big deal.

I also got myself a pre-dinner blow out at the salon just a few blocks from my house. They have good reviews and the price for a fancy shampoo and scalp massage and blow out and style (and bang trim!) was very reasonable, so I left the hard work to a professional as a birthday treat. 

But this post is not about that. It's about the costume conversation four women had as we chatted in the salon.

Stylist One: "Last year I was a zombie bride. It was amazing."

Stylist Two: "You scared the shit out of me. I turned around and she was in my face and I screamed."

Stylist One: "I got this lace sleeved, high necked Victorian style wedding gown. Hideous, but perfect. All lace. We ripped it up and shredded it and added tons of fake blood and I had a professional artist do my make-up, and it was fucking sick. I looked like a creature from a horror film."

Girl Getting Her Highlights Touched Up: "I'm so glad you didn't go as Sexy Zombie Bride. That shit needs to stop."

Me: "I know! Halloween should be scary! I love it when women dress up as something completely transforming and creative instead of just putting on lingerie and a pair of ears."

Stylist One: "No one could recognize me. And after a while it became this incredible experience where I felt so liberated. I was watching women prance down the street in next to nothing, but I felt so powerful. People screamed when they saw me, and I really got into it. It was awesome to be completely unrecognizable."

Can I get a hell yes on this?

How badass a Halloween would it be if every woman who was *going* to go as Sexy Elmo or Sexy Mouse or Sexy Satan went as a fake boil-ridden, stage blood-oozing monster with plastic fangs and wicked, yellow claws? Imagine it! Best Halloween ever.

Current Status


Things are different now.

I'm entering my fourth week of work at CBS SF in my role as Social Media Coordinator. I'm pretty overwhelmed. 

I'm using spreadsheets for the first time in my life! I work at nights and on the weekends. Next week I begin presentations to "the talent." (Yes, they still call them that.) I can barely keep up. It's become very clear that I need better time management tools and abilities.

That said, I enjoy the challenge. My writing has clearly taken a back seat during these first three weeks at CBS, so I look forward to figuring out how to best manage the hours in a day so I can get back to what I love. I don't feel right if I don't write.

Which leads me to a little hint about something aroung the corner. I have a new reason for writing, a little deal in the works, that started with a short meeting at a publishing company in midtown Manhattan last week.

I'm very excited. And I'm going to ask you to be a part of it.