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January 02, 2013


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Brittney -- I have been reading your blog for about 10 years and I never knew the REASON for your blog's title until a few nights ago.

My fiance, Paul, was a huge fan of Twin Peaks and recently bought the series on DVD. We started watching it together this weekend -- it was my first time ever seeing it. We got to the part (it was either in the pilot or the first episode, I forget which) when the guy mentions the intersection of "Sparkwood and 21," and I had to hit Pause on the DVD.

"Did that guy just say Sparkwood and 21?" I asked Paul.

He confirmed that he had, and so of course I had to tell him why I was asking. After all this time, I just realized your blog is named after a Twin Peaks reference!

A few people have told me this same story. Love it!

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