Summers of Content

Some Things I've Learned By Age 35

  • Leave that zit alone.
  • No one is talking about you. Probably. Probably no one is talking about you.
  • It's genetics.
  • That thing you are worrying about is going to matter zero percent in the end.
  • Never let the person across the table from you influence what you order. Get the burger.
  • Lightly, lightly.
  • A good make-up brush is a good investment, but you can usually get away with cheap mascara.


  • Be sure of yourself. You are smarter and more capable than you know.
  • Wear those flip-flops while you can because soon you can only wear shoes that allow an orthopedic insert.
  • Most people didn't mean to.
  • Taking a walk cures an awful lot of things.
  • Keep secrets, yours and others'.
  • If you hate your body, you are spitting in the face of all it can do: run, climb, hug.
  • Write it all down.
  • Networking is a necessary evil. And you don't have to be a douche about it.
  • You own your story. Remember that.
  • The repetition of days and the unrealized accumulation of habits can steal your sense of wonder. Don't let them.
  • It's not about you.
  • Trust your gut. Goddammit, always trust your gut.
  • Mint and chocolate do not belong together. Under any circumstance.


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well, I can't at all get on board with that last item...but otherwise, love this list :)

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