This Is a Toe in the Water
No Need to Worry

Notable Things I Did (According To Me) in 2013

  • Baked an apple pie from scratch
  • Told a story on stage to a room full of strangers
  • Went back to New York on vacation and enjoyed every second
  • Fell in love, though that is an understatement
  • Made a real mean pork chop
  • Took a bunch of pictures
  • Discovered the excellence of "Bob's Burgers"
  • Read a lot. Favorite book of the year: "Super Sad True Love Story"
  • Let someone unstable treat me poorly. Never again.
  • Ate funnel cake on the beach boardwalk in Santa Cruz
  • Stopped biting my nails (!!!!!!!!)
  • Decided what is important (subject to change)
  • Listened to the San Francico Symphany for free under the sun in the city with thousands 
  • Consumed 50 billion calories with Leo
  • Introduced someone to Brenda's French Soul Food
  • Distanced myself purposefully
  • 4th of July, Golden Gate Park. We were asked to leave.
  • Went on the best first date of my life
  • Rode on the back of a motorcycle up Twin Peaks and watched the city spill out all around me
  • Drank too much, then dialed that back
  • Finally understood what they mean when they say that
  • Maintained friendships that mean so much to me
  • Went home three times, once for my dad's retirement party, once for his open heart surgery
  • Started hooping again
  • Won a bunch of money playing black jack in Las Vegas
  • Ate crab in Half Moon Bay
  • Learned to play canasta
  • Saw the grandeur of Lake Tahoe
  • Didn't write enough


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You had an incredible 2013. And I'm so happy to hear about you falling in love! It's a wonderful thing. Best of luck to you in 2014 and beyond!

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