I Have Found the Perfect Pair of Jeans for You, All the Curvy Ladies

JeansI live in jeans. And dresses. Jeans and dresses is pretty much all I wear, because comfort is always my number one concern. Jeans and dresses are easy, too. I like easy.

If you are like me you have several pairs of jeans, but always wear the same pair day in and day out because they fit just right. Other jeans gap, ride up, slip down, create tops of muffins, drag the ground or otherwise make your life hell. So you go to your go-to jeans, and all is right with the world.

Women of the world, if your go-to jeans have become holey or faded or have simply grown too big or too small, then heed these words: Buy Levi's Perfect Fit jeans.

Levi's isn't paying me to say that--I've never had blog ads or a sponsorship on this blog ever. I just fell in love with a pair of these jeans and I can't keep my excitement to myself.

These jeans are straight up the best pair I've ever put on my body.

They are the Classic Bold Curve jeans with straight legs. And they are PERFECT.

I am a short and curvy lady. To say the least. I have wide hips and a short torso and legs. My waist is a very different circumference than my ass. By a lot. I'm only 5'4". Finding jeans that fit well has never happened. I either go with a gaping waistband or wear jeans low that bisect my widest part. Not flattering.

But these jeans, oh my goodness. Goodness!, I tell you. They hit *right below* the belly button. They cup the waist and flare at the hips for all your curvy goodness to be wrapped just so. The denim is soft, and the length could not be more perfect. Fine with flats or heels. Levi's is putting tailors out of business!

If you are in the market for some standard, well-fitting jeans that will be your go-to jeans all year long, look past Seven Jeans or other designer brands and get your rocking, curvy body into a pair of these bad boys. You won't be sorry.