What Ever Happened to Predictability?

Ladies.The wanting to throw up continues.

I just opened the New York Craigslist apartment listings, and my immediate reaction was the urge to vomit.

Still, I'm 100% sure I have made the right decision.

Yesterday I went to Alamo Square for the first time. The small park is not far from my house, and I wanted to find a place to hoop in the sun, so that spot fit the bill. Alamo Square provides amazing views of the city, and it is a heavily visited tourist destination thanks to the Painted Ladies (aka "The Full House" houses).

It's tiny. There was a barbeque going on, some bocce ball, one kite flying high but mostly there were tourists jumping in front of the Painted Ladies while being photographed. Why they were doing this I do not know, but nearly everyone was in on it.

I didn't find Alamo Square to be a comfortable place to hula hoop because it's kind of steep, not very big, and packed with people. I felt very self conscious hooping while most everyone else was snapping photos. I noticed a lot of staring. I let it bother me, so I left before too long.

I took the 5 Fulton back to my neighborhood, which is bumping due to Outside Lands which is being held in Golden Gate Park. On my walk back a young man asked me where Turk was, and I couldn't tell him exactly. I realized I don't know The City very deeply at all.