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Why I Love Philanthroper.Com

Daily deal sites are taking over the internet. Groupon is Living Social in Gilt like the TownHog. I've gotten my fair share of Brazilian blowouts and a dozen cupcakes for the price of six, but what I like even more is a new site called Philanthroper. is a daily deal site for charities. Those already exist, but what I really like about Philathroper is that you can only donate a dollar.

One dollar a day to a different charity each day. Brilliant. Why is that? Because of this:

Why Can I Only Donate $1?

So you can donate another $1 tomorrow. And another the next day. Use Philanthroper daily, and we guarantee, you'll donate more over time than you would have otherwise plus it won't sting your bank account so badly. Use Philanthroper every day and you'll be on the right track to give more, more easily. If you're compelled to make a larger donation, fantastic. We always link their site. So go for it. [emphasis mine]

I have a dollar. You probably have a dollar. What better to do with it than give it to this guy?


This sounds trite, but nothing is truer: Every little bit helps a lot. reinforces this maxim.

A++++++ will donate again!!!!!!

Time to Try Something New

I love San Francisco, but I am leaving it.

I'm moving to New York City.

Two months ago I took a job as the marketing and outreach person at Modest Needs Foundation, and oh, how fun I thought it would be to work from home and make my own hours. I would go the gym every day! I would blog in the park! I would meet friends for lunch or tea!

Instead I sit in my studio in the perpetual fog, or bundle up in a coat and scarf and sit by myself in some drafty coffee shop until I'm so over-caffeinated that my teeth shake.

I became depressed. I gained weight. I drank too much. It wasn't a good scene.

Apparently I don't have the discipline it takes to work from home. Structure and camaraderie and a place go to each day that is not my couch is what I need.

So, I am moving to New York City.

It's not just so that I don't have to work from home anymore, but because (cue cliche) I've always wanted to live in New York. And I've only ever lived in two places--both awesome in their own way--but I want more. I want to know what it's like to wake up in a city that never sleeps in a place with no horizon, only buildings and more buildings and more buildings, and nine million people. I want to learn new train lines. I want to develop a new accent. I want to carve out my own experience in one of the most challenging, but potentially most rewarding cities in the world. I want to not look back with regret. I want to follow my bones to the place they feel they should be.

This move, this step forward, is not without its intense sadness. Despite my deep and overwhelming love for the person whom I've spent two and a half years exploring Northern California with, I have chosen to go it in New York alone. It's heartbreaking. But it's something that needs to happen, for me. I need this time to come into my own, something other people do much earlier in life. It took a while for me to grow up enough to get there.

I am lucky and blessed that my dear friend and partner is an amazing man. I went to him scared and anxious with my plans and what I wanted, and he smiled at me. He took my hand and said he understood--how could he argue?--and then he told me that he was very proud of me. And that he knew it took courage to reveal my wishes to him. And that while it would suck for a while, that he was very happy for me. And that he knew exactly what it was like to feet drawn to a place, and he also knew exactly what it was like to need to be alone for a while. Thank God I don't have to give up this phenomenal man's friendship, because we make a good team.

It was a loving, mature, clean split that hurts like hell.

But, I'd always regret not going if I didn't go. I feel the pull.

I'm going to miss the shit out of San Francisco. And Ian. And the kind people here who are generous enough to call me a friend.

But, it's time to go.

It's going to be hard and scary and wonderful and wacky and a whole bunch of other things I could never, ever anticipate.

I have a lot to learn.

So, I am moving to New York.

And I broke up with my boyfriend.

And I feel like I am going to throw up.

I can't even wrap my mind around what's coming next. Best to channel the Buddha and just live in the moment, I suppose.

Holy shit, I am moving to New York.

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So, How's That Whole Working from Home Thing Going?

Home OfficeI've been working on and off since 7 a.m. and plan to continue doing so until I fall asleep.

I just wanted to see what that would be like.

I am getting things done, but also spend a lot of time unfocused. Spinning my wheels.

To-do lists I make, but I need a plan of attack. A long and short term agenda that I can tangibly see changing.

I spend a lot of time in this studio. Good thing I like it in here.

I am working on projects big and small. Doing new things is exhilarating. I enjoy this gig so much so far, so no complaints as of yet. Frankly, it suits my hermit-like tendencies just fine.

When I need to, I get out. I need to get out of the habit of my afternoon nap, but I try to start bright and early since the rest of my team is on Eastern Time, so I usually crash for an hour around 2. Then get back to it.

I have saved lots of money on food. I cook (I use the term loosely) most of my meals, rather than pay $10 for Downtown Sandwiches. Though, I kinda miss those fancy pants sandwiches.

What about getting a cat? I definitely need something to talk to. But I worry about all my various long weekends away. I'm not even sure my lease allows it.

I had all these grand plans to work out every day, but that hasn't happened. Surprise. And it was gorgeous out today, too, no excuses.

But like I said, I've been working on and off all day. It's dark now, and I hit the keyboard at 7 a.m. A lot of it is preparing posts and content for when I am away at a wedding this weekend in Sacramento. And then the big picture stuff. I just don't want to get behind. Managing myself, mostly, is not something I have ever done, not by a long shot. I'm learning as I go.

Today is an experiment. I wanted to pull ahead, so as not to stress about the upcoming days away.

I relish the change. The challenge. It's totally different, and I dig it.

And I'm excited for what's around the bend.