Fantastic New Music I Discovered Today Thanks to Rdio's Heavy Rotation Feature

Rdio might be my favorite internet thing right now. Best $10 I spend every month.

The "heavy rotation" feature highlights what your Rdio network is listening to most. Today I just went to clicking and discovered new music. Delightful new music that makes me giddy.

Today I discovered:

What else should I be listening to?

Ska Fun

Last night I went to my first ska show. I'd heard ska before, but only someone else's selection in someone else's car. I didn't think I cared for it that much.

But I was invited to a show at Slim's to see The Streetlight Manifesto, so I went.

And wow! What fun!

All those horns sound abrasive on car speakers but live they were bright and full and happy sounding. Before I could stop myself I was bopping around and dancing with sweat-soaked 18 year olds.

Ska. Huh. Who'd have thunk it.

Ska Fun