(Live)Blogging the Super Bowl

Thoughts on the sporting event of the year, with interludes from The Boyfriend.

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Pre-Game Show : "This Cirque de Sole bullshit is making me lose my football boner." --The Boyfriend

5:10 : The Colts just hit the field. One player's name is Saturday. I wish that was my last name. Sounds like a character in a mystery novel.

5:12 : [Chicago Bears montage plays, with lyrics "Sixty minutes til the best in the world."]
Me: "Sixty minutes my ass, it takes four hours."
The Boyfriend: "Sixty game minutes."
Me: "Oh."

5:15 : Ghost Rider? No. Billy Joel? No.

5:18 :
"I wish that underneath Marlee Matlin's name it said, in parenthesis, 'world's most famous deaf person.'" -The Boyfriend

5:20 : Norbit? No.

5:28 :
Devin Hester's hair? In a word--awesome.

5:40 : Sierra Mist beard comb-over commercial=solid B+

5:44 : I really don't need to hear about Peyton Manning's ripped back thumbnail. I can't unclench.

6:31 : "If I had a Chevy, I would sell it after watching that shit." -The Boyfriend

6:45 : Wild Hogs? Aw, hell naw. Bill Macy, you disappoint me, sir.

7:18 : It's official. That was the best half-time show I've ever seen. Prince continues to reign supreme.

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Eh. I got bored.

True Enough

The boyfriend, whose never been that into baseball, on the finale of the World Series: "Okay see, they win and the crowd goes nuts, but it just looks weird with no fans on the field. The whole country is watching twelve dudes lay on each other."

What have I become?

For the first time in my life I checked for a game score.

I've been watching the playoffs at work, behind the bar, and for some reason I've really taken a liking to those Cubbies. The primordial underdogs. How can you not want to see them win? Unless you live in Florida, in which case, fuck you. Florida sucks and if you aren't out of there yet, there is little help for you anyway. Especially if you're rooting that godforsaken place on.

Now, I don't care enough to actually watch the games (if I am not at work), but I found myself insanely curious as to how Chicago did last night. Which is very well.

Color me pleased.