The Book

About That Novel

I won't say that I failed, because that would inaccurate, but there is no way in hell I'm getting that sucker finished by the end of the month. No way, no how. However! I have constructed a three-month plan and outline, so there will be a book, by God. I'm just going to be less speedy about it.

But much respect to my writing buddy, Short & Fat, who would never, ever cheat to win. Go, guy, go.

Now I Can Make Use Of My 'The Book' Category

Nanoicon I'm going to do it, dammit. I've said I would for years now, but never did. I never even started. One of my major downfalls is a lack of self-discipline. I work better on a deadline. So, now I have one. You may not see many posts here this month (or maybe you'll find more--who knows?!), but until you hear otherwise just know I'm pounding out a novel. A shitty, scattered, first draft of a novel, but a novel nonetheless.

It's about a crazy girl.