America is in Love with Jennifer Lawrence, and So Am I

In this clip, which you probably have already seen, Jack Nicholson interrupts an interview between Jennifer Lawrence and George Snuffalupagus following the Oscars. 

Nicholson says, in part, "You look like an old girlfriend of mine." 

Despite having just won an Academy Award and being on camera in the midst of an interview, this woman said, "Oh really? Do I look like a new girlfriend?" And without missing a beat Nicholson says, "I thought about it."

Ha! This is hilarious television, made all the better by Lawrence's facial expressions and genuine look of being utterly gobsmacked.

If you aren't gonna take a shot, Nicholson, then make way for me.

One Time I Got To Be a Part of Something Super Awesome

For the first Longshot Magazine I just submitted a story, and was thrilled when it was published. For the second one I helped choose the submissions and sit in while these whip-smart people buzzed and worked and talked around me. The second time was certainly more fulfilling.

Now there's a short documentary about that weekend. (I can be seen at minute 4:05 being allowed to "make a map" of the magazine.), and how it was made last summer. Last summer when I sat atop a roof where a hammock was strung and drank beer and memorized a skyline. This video not only takes me back to that weekend making something awesome, but back to New York, back to to last summer.


I'm so glad this video was made. Long live Longshot Magazine.

See the video at Longshot Magazine's Tumblr.