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October 09, 2003


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I was jumping on the Cubs bandwagon at first too, but I changed my stance to neutral as of last night. We went out to a sports bar here in Dallas and every fucker in the building was cheering for the Cubs. So, I decided that the bandwagon was entirely too crowded.

On a completely unrelated note, I think brittney.pitas.com is forever stuck in my head. I keep typing it out of habit every time I want to check your site.

Hellooooo found thru blog-snob from your old site!
I like your new one!
Woo go Boston Red Sox.... thats as much as I know about American Sport :P

Fuck the Marlins. Florida sucks and the suck for "accidently winning" againts the Giants. So for the love of god, I hope the Cubs clean up the next few games and kill the Marlins. And sorry about Boston. Annoying accent, annoying fans. I dislike NYY too, but anything not to hear "chowdah" and "nooooomahhhh" chanted during a game. One long annoying SNL skit.

They really chant "Chowdah!" at the Red Sox games? That is strange.

Holy crap, that's hilarious because this morning, I, too, for the first time, checked ESPN.com for a game score. My fake internet girlfriend in Reno has been placing bets on football games for me. I won! Colorado St. stomped BYU 58-13! Take that, Mormons!

you should try living just a couple of hours from chicago. the streets empty out when the cubs are playing. and my favorite bar is filled with middle aged men crowded around the tv bitching when we want to play music. and they all are sure that they have to wear the same hat or socks or shirt or not shave or shower or some shit like that because it will help the cubs. i'll just be glad when it's over.

and they all are sure that they have to wear the same hat or socks or shirt or not shave or shower or some shit like that because it will help the cubs.

You can imagine how stanky downtown Chicago must be right now.

As a life-long Cubs fan, I salute you.

I have to say, that it *does* seem like an alternate universe. The Cubs are kicking ass in October, Arnold is the governor of California, and Rush Limbaugh is being investigated on drug charges.

Playoffs for what?

Go Brittney!

Welcome to the club - I'm exactly the same. I can't stomach watching football matches (too boring) but I enjoy knowing how well (badly, in recent years) my team (Sport Lisboa e Benfica) has done.

I've recently graduated to watching the odd one-minute summary (only the goals and violence).

I expect in a few years time we'll actually be attending the damned things, face-painted and foaming at the chops.

I am deeply concerned about this.

All the best!

You can imagine how stanky downtown Chicago must be right now.

That's mainly pee, though.

I am avoiding being a Cubs fan; because when I become one, they'll lose. Many of my friends are convinced that my moving to Chicago has re-balanced the scales in favor of the Cubs.

I have no comment on that.

I am an American. I am also, strangely, a soccer geek. And I like rugby, too. I get really bugged by American sports, for some reason. I guess it's the whole bandwagon thing, as you pointed out, Britt.

Course, then again, if I moved to Malmo, Sweden, where my favorite soccer team is, I could be involved in a riot there.

Strange how insular America is.

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