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January 09, 2004


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Awwwwwww, how sweet! A letter to your pets. I miss my first childhood kitties, Spot and Soleil (the latter named after the girl who played Punky Brewster, who I had a bizarre crush on or something. I was a bizarre kid. I liked Kenny G a lot). I must admit Spot drooled quite a bit, though, especially when he'd nap on my chest while I watched You Can't Do That On Television, on Nickelodeon. And he had a very psycho high pitched growl.

Oh well, psycho kitty. You could almost make a song outta that. A Talking Headsy song.

Anyhow, good night.

Hecat (his sister was named Hercat). Purebred Siamese. Had that distictive Siamese yowl for a meow. Lived to be 14 years old. My dad used to sit on him in the livingroom easy chair. I don't know why Hecat put up with that, he must have liked it in some weird way. Used to like coming into my bedroom at night and sleep on my chest (or back, if I was facing down). One year he developed a wool-eating habit. We had sweaters in the closet with large holes in them. My mom thought there was some monster moth creeping around eating the sweaters. Eventually she found Hecat chewing on the end of one sleeve while she was washing the rest of the sweater in the sink. He also like to chew on the telephone cord, but that ended the day his teeth made it all the way through.
In his old age, he grew blind. But by then he knew the layout of the house and yards by heart. He knew that when his feet touched the raised edge of the pool, it was time to turn aside, or get wet. He died in front of the fireplace one night, while we were having dinner. He was a great kitty.

Thing One and Thing Two (also mixed-Siamese siblings). Thing One was always more skittish, but Thing Two was a lovable cat. And when we moved to Big Sur for a year, Thing Two got herself lost on the other side of the Big Sur river, and was gone for a week. I found her one day and picked her up and took her back home. She was MY cat after that.
After we moved back to LA, Thing One got run over by the neighbors (I'm still not sure it wasn't deliberate). Thing Two found that the clothes dryer was frequently a very warm place to sleep. Unfortunately my Mom didn't realize she was in there, and did a load of laundry. My poor mom DID find out she was in there when she took the laundry out. Poor mom. Poor kitty.

Diablo: Black as sin with green eyes. Definitely KNEW he was named after the Devil. But still a cool cat all in all. He also lived to a great age. He was one of three cats we got (the other two were Things One and Two). They'd tear around the house, chasing each other. Zipping in and out of the cat door my dad built into the sliding glass door in the dining room. One day while they were running around inside, somebody dropped a bunch of metal pots in the kitchen, making a huge racket. The cats all simultaneously headed for the cat door. All three tried to get thru at the same time, resulting in a kitty traffic jam. I can still see the image of three cat butts jammed into the narrow cat door, all three frantically scrabbling to get out of the house away from that noise. Finally one of them (Diablo, I think) backs out, and the other two slip thru, and he followed them. Funniest thing I'd ever seen.

I miss my cats.

Aww. After reading this, i went and played fetch with Agent Cooper for the better part of an hour.

Because... god, it's unbelievable how much a simple tennis ball can make him dog-smile.

Hey, everyone! Brittney named my dog. She named him Agent Cooper!


Cats are amazing animals.. I truely believe that 50% of mine and Emilys conversation consists of talking about our cats...

Brandy has never lived with cats before and I think Mokey knows that, I truely think Mokey was Cleopatra's cat, and she will get right up in her face and Brandy always kind of has a petrified look on her face and she never pets her right... You don't pat, you smooth the hair down and love on their ears and neck :)


"Dog-smile"? *chuckle*

I think the "Letters to your pet" is a fantastic idea, and would make a good "community blog".

Kind of like the anonymous confession community blogs or whatnot.

It probably already exists, but I'm sleepy and not searching tonight.

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