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April 26, 2004


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Fuck if I know. What do you look like?

I think it's the mouth... but I'm not sure. There is something similar about you two. Something incredibly subtle.

But in terms of pure physical looking-alike-ness... NO. You do not look like that girl.

You're cuter... um... I feel bad, but you're much cuter.
That is all.

You two look about as similar as Bush and Kerry.

I believe we'll need more information before we can judge fairly.

No. You already know who *I* think you look like.
WITNESS! http://makeashorterlink.com/?C15B31228

Who was the thinner daughter on Roseanne? You really look like her, Britt. :)

Sara Gilbert

Maybe we are related.

(And Ariel, I should thank you. I think that girl is very pretty but I only sort of see the resemblance.)

if your face got run over by a car i'd say yes.

From the shoulders up, I see little resemblance. From the shoulders down, I have no idea.

Hell no

Nope. No you don't.

no you are much much prettier.

No... but that reminds me. I was watching a movie or cruising the internet or something and I saw someone that DID look like you. Fuck if I can remember where I saw that person though. But anyways the weird thing was this person wasn't white, I can't remember if she was black or asian but she looked like you. I think it was maybe an old kung-fu movie. I hope I wasn't looking at porn.

I echo the Sara Gilbert thing. I'm glad someone else sees it, I had automatically assumed it was undue influence on my psyche due to the last name, and the curly hair.

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