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June 24, 2004


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Me being a foreign film/Sweden in general freak, I gotta wonder why Show Me Love (F**king Amal in the rest of the world) isn't on there.

Apollo 13 wasn't bad either, though

I'm with Elaine on that one too.

Lists like these change my feeding habits...I probably won't go to the video store (not that I've been going lately) without a folded up copy of this article. I couldn't make it all the way through the Time's version - I began to feel the effects of monitor induced vertigo - but you're viewings were much easier on the eye and the chainsaw comments made it more palatable - leading me to these observations:

1. Whomever made that list knows their Todd Solondz - the man is on a roll with his pictures.

2. I was disappointed not to see Donnie Darko in the mix - but I s'pose after any such list you can expect a flooding of replies and editor responses to the tune of "well, we only had room for 1000 movies and not all movies could be..." blah blah.

3. But that doesn't excuse one major discrepancy -- they chose to put Star Wars on the list - and not The Empire Strikes Back...

This looks like a project that someone started with optimisim and then lost to the doldrums of boredom...

optimisimisi -- (just wanna clarify --- Star Wars should be stricken for Empire -- no need to give Lucas a bigger head than he's already acquired)

I've seen 289. I think it's partly because I'm a film student and partly because I'm an enormous enormous geek.

It's a weird list, definitely some questionable stuff. Why Red and not Blue? (Don't get me wrong, I LOVED Red, but Blue? At least as good a film.) Why Aladdin? Why The Tender Trap?

Rushmore, but no Royal Tenenbaums??
Raising Arizona, but no Big Lebowski??
Fisher King, but no Fear and Loathing??
And neither Passion of the Christ or Battle Royale??

I concur, A lot of good foreign movies are missing from the list, even easy shit like Whale Rider.

Lists like these are always going to be questioned. And when you make a rediculous list of a THOUSAND it's all the more fodder for second-guessing. I think it's way too much effort put something like that in order, so I'm glad at least they went alphabetical. I've come up with a similar list which I've worked on for a few years, and I haven't even made it to 200 movies. I really thought mine was too long! Keep in mind, my list is still far from complete, and it isn't all necesarily stuff I consider "great", rather just stuff I really enjoy watching.

Instead of telling us which ones on the NY Times list that you saw, maybe you can just come up with a list of your own? We'd love to get a few good suggestions for something new to check out, especially someone with such interesting tastes and intelligent takes (though I'll never understand the Lynch obsession, apart from Twin Peaks.. okay and Elephant Man.. and Eraserhead, I must admit. ;)

Take your time on the list, no hurry, especially if you comment on each movie.


You going to the pile up in atl?

I saw the last 20 minutes of A.I. the other night, and whoa... that ending was too sappy even for me. For ME. And i'm the guy who got all choked up when little Anakin had to leave his mommy, and when Trinity died... so that's pretty sad.

"i'm the guy who got all choked up when little Anakin had to leave his mommy"


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