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June 26, 2004


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MMM Sake.....haven't had any since I left Japan last year. Many a drunken nights because of it.

Michael Moore. Michael Moore. Hmmm. I know he's been pretty active and in the news as of late, especially with his new film. But for some odd reason, I've never bothered getting familiar with him. Didn't he used to have a TV show of some sort back in like the 80's, maybe on Fox or something?

If given the choice, I'd pick F911. Especially since I'm not able to see it in this one horse town. Maybe in a few weeks when it gets a wider release...

And Michael Moore had two TV shows in the 90s. TV Nation and (I think) The Awful Truth. He became famous in the 80s for his film Roger and Me. Also did Bowling For Columbine and Canadian Bacon.

I'm not a huge fan, but I'm not a hater either. The guy is a total butthead and hypocrite sometimes, but everybody knows it and takes it into account when listening to him. He is damn entertaining and from time to time has gotten me to question my beliefs.

man. styrofoam? have you ever had a beer in a styrofoam cup? blech. maybe it's mouthwash?

I doubt seriously it's beer. I'm thinking more like PGA.

So whatd'ya think?

Yeah, what did you think about the movie? Or do I have to read about it in the Scene?

Going Wednesday night, going to be the only person in the theater not going to see Spiderman, I think.

I'll expound on my thoughts tomorrow after work. Expect a post by 8 or 9 tomorrow night.

For tonight, I have a splitting headache. Which I am tending to with gooey brownies.

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