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June 21, 2004


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What about the Naderites. I wonder what Ralph Nader supporters tip.

Ralph Naderite tip: "Be sure to buckle up!"

The way you inadvertently describe people is awesome. 'The woman who wore her sunglasses until the salad course arrived.' Your writing is great.

Liberals and smokers. (Back when they were allowed to smoke, that is.) Always the best tippers. This is my first time reading here, I enjoyed the post.

I've noticed this trend myself. My dad, who is a far right Republican, hates to tip anything over 10%. Not only that, but he gets hostile when I pick up the bill and charge a 25 or 30% tip to my own card. "What are you doing? You're wasting your money giving her a tip like that! 10% is good enough!"

The irony being my dad has a lot more money then I'll ever see.

I doubt they could even calculate the tip.

But Bush really is a Nincompoop.

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