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July 01, 2004


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The last movie I saw was Saved! Great movie for a religious liberal like myself. Unfortunately, some Christians just failed to see that Chritianity wasn't being attacked. What was being attacked was people that WILL NOT STOP when trying to bring new people into the Christian fold.

Moore's is what I'm seeing next. I hope I appreciate his work a little more than I did when I was a kid and he was on, I think, Fox. As much as I hate Democrats that don't give the right a chance at anything, I have come to dispise Bush almost as much as any bleeding-heart liberal. His misuse of the English language even though he went to Yale really makes me wonder about higher education.

Also, and more obviously, his foreign policy sucks. I'm glad Saddam was removed, but to put us in charge of said removal was a dumb idea. I really wish the UN had more of a say.

But now the world has a love hate relationship with us which I'm getting weary of.

Thanks, Bush. :rolleyes

Have not seen the movie yet...
But regarding Bush and blaming him only for everything it's sooooooo stupid....
He is only a puppet and he does what he is being told!!!
Who doesn't know that already????
Who really believes that he can do anything he wants?
That's why we have a congress and senators!!!!!

As a Canadian, I am so happy that Bush doesn't run my home, but Paul Martin isn't much better. At least you Americans have a Michael Moore to push the sleeping masses toward an eye-opening. Moore does go a little over the top but the message is there. I almost wonder though if Moore's next flick will be a Geroge Sr. is the Illumminati bonanza!

I just hope Paul Martin doesn't cozy up to the U.S. government too much. Seems like the last think you up north need is more of our commercial activity.

But I digress.

I think this films most noteworty achievement was its putting a face on the atrocities being commited under the guise of freedom. For those people who call me a "bleeding heart", as though that were the worst thing in the world to be, stand in front of that lady who was crying for her family...that had attended 3 funerals that week...and explain to her that there is some justification for her life being torn asunder. Then if you can still hold your bile down, you've every right to call me a bleeding whatever. The bits of children don't somehow erase Saddam's tyranny...they just make the world a lot darker.

I cried almost continuously. There were even times when Moore tried to break the tension with some humor and I was almost appalled at the laughter. I was overreacting, I guess it was somewhat funny. My depression lasted a few days.

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