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July 08, 2004


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Geez, you are quite the observant...uhh...observer. I like peoplewatching, as well, but couldn't remember that much in a given time span if you paid me. I'm guessing you take notes on all this stuff (at least you must've before writing this entry)?

As for me, I go back to my childhood and just watch all the purty airplanes. I can peoplewatch on the actual airplane (I can't easily get to the airport, so I don't bother except when I actually need to fly. It's 15 miles west of Pgh).

Ooh, freakin' awesome!

i guess you'll have to burn it for me, i'm still using 56K.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you Jesus loves you thank you!!!!


OmiGod! Airports are total freak palaces. Just last month I was cooling my heels in Little Rock. A young woman walked past me, looking like she'd just stepped outta The Night of Living Dead. Her slacks were slowly working their way down her bony thighs. Suddenly, they fel to her feet, and I swear to Christ she wasn't wearing panties! After a few steps with them wrapped around her legs, she stopped, looked down, bent over, grabbed her ankles, pulled them up and kept going. The kicker: NO ONE seemed to notice but myself and an old black woman sitting across from me, gnawing on a chicken leg. You gotta love the South.

Am I the only one who thinks it's awesome that you drove to an airport...just to people-watch? I can think of a few friends who would probably do the same thing, but I have to admit that I have never been to an airport without a destination (or a person to pick up) in mind. Maybe I'm just not cool enough...there are certainly some interesting sights to see there. :)

have you ever heard the song "The Arrivals Gate" by Ani DiFranco? it's about exactly what you're describing. I'd take a gander that you'd like it.

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