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August 17, 2004


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When I first saw the previews for Napolean Dynamite, I decided then and there that I had no interest in seeing it. But then people kept saying that they liked it and I began to doubt my movie preview instincts. Thank you for your reassurance.

I'll agree that the movie was one note, but I think that in some cases, one note can be rad.

Why the change from Turd to Doo Doo?

The whole thing left me a little cold, but the room full of highschool juniors I saw it with thought it was hilarious. It was like Welcome to the Dollhouse but without the pathos. Where's the pathos, mannnnn?

You guys are all spelling Napoleon wrong. And I thought it was really funny. So, nyeah.

How embarrasing. Fixed now.

Agreed, I hated it with a passion that fuels suns. Even mentioning in the same breath as Rushmore is pretty ridiculous, that movie had heart.

Write MORE or I won't pay for you again :P - seriously!

No, it's definitely no Rushmore. And I tend to agree with Noel Murray about both this movie and Franz Ferdinand. But did laugh my ass off. So again, nyeah.

"But I did laugh my ass off," rather.

Rushmore is my favorite movie so i had to speak up. If you compare every movie that has artsy intros, and circusy ecclectic music, and overexaggerated colored backgrounds to Rushmore, then you'll be stuck in 1998. I think people hated this movie because the director also loved Rushmore and while we all say we want to find people with similar likes, and dislikes, its all a lie. We are all secretely selfish with our likes and dislikes. I liked it because he was a total nerd, and kind of an ass too. So you're not endeared to him a la Revenge of the Nerds, but still the guy just grows on you, though I probably wouldn't want to hang out with him too often. O I Vascillate.

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