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August 13, 2004


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...Welcome to Seattle. ;)


I am currently unable to make any new posts to my weblog because I am in the process of breaking up with my bank. I think it is time I started seeing other people--they've had their hands in the honey jar for far too long.

Anyway, my weblog bill is the only bill to go unpaid, since I can't exactly send Six Apart a money order. Thanks to Anil the site itself hasn't come down and the comments are still enabled--I just can't add anything new. My new bank won't issue me a debit card for at least four more days (and credit cards are the evilest shit of entire earth, so I have none of those), so until then I'll have to make any additions in here. (My sister may cover ass. We'll see.)

Feel free to mouth off or sing a song or something in the meantime. I hope to get things fully operational by week's end. You should check back here for any new news for that ass.

Wow, what a pain. I know the situation well, though. Bank swappage sux, even when it's a good bank that you're swapping to.

On the other hand, the idea of an entire blog being started in the comments of another person's blog is kind of intriguing. Obnoxious (to the blog owner), but intriguing nonetheless. I'll have to ponder it. I won't do it here, don't worry.

You can do it here! We got nothing better going on.

Ooooo...a blog within another bloggers comments IS intriguing!

I laughed sofaking hard when i saw this. (via,via)

I'm thuroughly confused about these comments,
but regarding your entry, glad the weather is
turning around for you. California's singular
advantage over my current home, PA, is the lack of humidity. It's fall all freaking year. I love it. Oh well, not too long and thus it will be here, too.

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