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September 08, 2004


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My mother is a self-professed health nut, and is always trying to get me to lose weight. Meanwhile, she drinks like 5 Diet Cokes a day, thus setting herself up for cancer, which IMHO trumps slight obesity any day.


I wouldn't worry too much :)


Opponents of aspartame claim that there have been no studies that prove that aspartame is safe. You can't prove something is safe. It's like asking Iraq to prove that it doesn't have any WMDs.

The many studies of aspartame by actual scientists haven't shown a causal link between "normal" or even super heavy aspartame use and any health defect.

Criticizing the studies by saying that they are funded by the manufacturers and therefore invalid is not fair. Whole food hippies aren't funding any studies, nor are conspiracy nutritionalists.

here is an paper that shows that rats get slower at running through mazes after drinking water with aspartame. With the equivalent (adjusted for body weight) of a male human drinking 100 cans of diet coke per DAY. For 3 or 4 months. That's a shit-ton of aspartame. And maybe those rats didn't crave the reward at the end of the maze quite so much after drinking that fake-sweet water. I know that if i drank 100 Diet Cokes, my taste buds would be all fucked up and I would be in no hurry to get to the kitchen.

Well, I've given up Aspartame drinks. I drink Diet-Rite, which is made with Splenda. No sodium, no aspartame, no saccharine, no calories, no carbs, no caffeine. That last may not necessarily be a big selling point for some, but I'm trying to cut down my caffeine intake.
It tastes good. It's a different taste from Coke or Diet Coke, but it's good nonetheless.

Hey knewman, I'm not sure if you noted what category this post falls under but I'm rocking SCIENCE. Don't be coming in here dropping all your magic talk and super-out-there mumbo-jumbo. SCIENCE, motherfucker. That is what I do here.

I might as well be milking a kitty.*

*Inside joke. Don't feel dumb.

Had it ever occured to you that maybe you shouldn't drink Diet Coke BECAUSE IT TASTES LIKE SHIT?

That fact continues to be lost on my mother, who seems to live for taste bud torture.

Long live non-cancerous, non-chemical-tasting SELTZER!!!!

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