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December 20, 2004


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The fact that you used the phrase "no-talent narcissistic whore" makes me admire you. For what it's worth. Which isn't much, I suppose.

I'm sure you know that Twin Peaks may offer tons of good quotes for use as subtitles.
I'm personally a big fan of the ones that make no sense to non-Peaks-freaks i.e.
"This is a formica table, green is it's color"
"That gum you like is going to come back in style"

how about "waxing eloquent on a semi-regular basis"?

I have the strength of a bear who has the strength of two bears!

I like mike's.

There is no spoon.

A pessimist is just an unfortunate realist

sparkwood & 21: it's down on the corner...out in the street.

(apologies to CCR)

cool like the other side of the pillow

(tho this is played out thx to Stuart Scott)

Try our new Val-U-Menu

May Cause Smiling Or Explosive Laughter

Sometimes it's good to be queen

Y? Because we like you.

The little birdhouse in your soul.

Or maybe my soul. I dunno.

one more:

Sparkwood & 21: Even White Boys Got To Shout!

Another TMBG-inspired one.

Be what you're like. Be like yourself.

Sparkwood & 21: Flippin' Coccyx!

The new black.

What? WHAT?

What do you want, wicker?

They pelted us with rocks and garbage.

O Discordia.

Fuck your hand.

Brittneying it up!!

Ummmm. Ummmm.


There is spoon.
A proud division of GloboBrittCom.
Pipe down, you fog-breathers!
100% fresh electricity, served under glass
It is YOU who are the ball-lickers.
Darth Sidious is my cabana boy.
No links were harmed in the making of this Blog.
Google THIS.
Al Gore lives half a mile from me.
Happiness is a nude Al Gore.
There is no Spork.

Oh, and of course....

Nobody puts Brittney in a corner!


Coccydynia: Sounds like a pasta -- but it taint.


I'm not in the business of seeing whatever pleases you.

So you've learned to read since last we met?

The Spybot in your soul.

Oh my god there's a spider on your shoulder!


Grand Mal! GRAND MAL!

You may approach Me.

Got more rhymes than Carl Sagan's got turtlenecks.

I just shot Mark David Chapman.

We have a map of the piano.

Cunning linguist.


100% Teh Crab-free. (the blog, that is)

Because I have to do something the other 11 months that Nanowrimo isn't happening.

Just like the rest of the Internet, only better.


"...Blog Tartare."

"...With truth like this, Who needs fiction?"

"...Been there, done that, He got the t-shirt."

"...Where the blue streaks are never singular."

"...They found the girl."

My internet can beat up your internet!"

"...In the weeds for the money."

"Nice to all the shortbussers... except for one."

"...Because I had to do something after graduating From MetaFilter."

"...Dropping eaves not names."

"...What happens after you try that at home."

"...Salty, or spicy? Yes."

I suck at punctuation AND HTML today, but you get the idea. (Sorry.)

A cure for cauliflower ear

Inventor of the Samsonite jockstrap

Her box is so deep, prime her mass (taken from a fridge magnet poetry line of yore)

Or simply, "prime her mass" might work.

Like Fipi Lele, only without all those people who aren't Brittney.

Ok here goes...

"Free baby Jesus butt-plug with every order."

"Damn, she is 80's hot!"

"Educated women are better cus you could bust off on their glasses."

From Rushmore: "Is latin really dead?"

"If I was any better, I'd be you"

Hope one of them sticks...

Eat at Scotty's!

(my uncle and I would always shout that out the car window in Ludington, MI, where he owned summer property. It referred to a reeeeeeeally good restaurant specializing in ribs [which, oddly, I don't eat anymore]).

Big Ass Gymnastic

Do you think it could be put on a thing?

Sweet jesus, stop the italics! Hopefully this helps.

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