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December 31, 2004


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f911, Mean Girls, and Garden State were excellento pimento. I really liked the sidecar motorbike the lead guy had. I wonder if motorsickles are easier to drive if they have the side car on them. Anyhow, I digress.

I disagree on Napoleon, but I can definitely see how that could get on someone's nerves. And personally, the white trash aspect was a little bit too reminiscent of certain suburbs of Pittsburgh, where I live. Pgh is just teeming with people like the uncle, the guy that was "stuck in '82".

And since it's still 2004, might I kindly add one, Brittney? I liked Spanglish. Especially the character played by Sarah Steele (Bernice?). She was just insanely authentic. Reminded me of many girls I knew way back when. What a cute character.

So, what's on your list for '05, B? I'm a big fan of Scarlett Johanson, and I like Topher Grace a lot, too. So, I'm eager to see their movie (darn my short term memory; I forget the name).

Happy New Year.

Ray was really great, but that's probably only because it was the only movie my boyfriend would go to see with me. And yes, I am writing at midinight because he works at 2 a.m. and I am convinced that, soon, I will be entertaining the masses in some idiotic way that will make he and i and I famous enough to make out in public places for the masses (for money of course). Brittney, you are great. happy new year...

my top ten (like anyone gives a f**k)

team america

lolita (original kubric version)

flight of the phonix (original jimmy stewart version)

grand hotel

movies I hated:

spongebob - the movie was obviously writtern by "holleywood movie types"
and had none of the idiotic charm of the regular series, I love that show.
Damn those souless hollywood devils!
Damn them to HELL!

every stupid remake movie!
(just pick one there are hundreds)

Wow, seriously, maybe I have smoked TOO much bud, but I don't see how anyone couldn't like Napoleon Dynamite. *sigh* And I adored Garden State....

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