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January 06, 2005


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Yeah, I stopped using my webcam when I realized that I picked my nose on-cam once. The mortification meant I never used the cam EVER AGAIN.

I dunno how anyone can stand to be on a webcam. Well, I take that back--some people with a strong exhibitionist streak get off on it, and show lots of T&A on purpose. It's the normal, day-to-day stuff that would freak me out.

I remember the waning days of Jennicam--I watched it just to witness the agony of a life under the camera's endless gaze. It was fascinating and mortifying at the same time. By selling people the right to watch them every moment of the day, Jenni and Dex enslaved themselves. They were living in a virtual panopticon, and the world was their warden.

i hate that person so much

I used to tune into the jennicam, but once you see some one naked, the chase is over and unless they are doing something intellectually stimulating, it's like "next".

that's why we need to keep nudity off t.v. there would be no tease, to keep us on the edge of our seats

oh btw I just saw your post in cam comments:

"God knows ..."

...I'm sorry but sometimes the truth is a bitter pill we all must swallow.,
I hate to clean personally, so I need someone riding my ass to make me do it. so I thought I could be that ass for you.. free of charge

I thought.... that's what they were for. Huh.

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