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March 21, 2005


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Pinot noir. Merlot...?

Fuck Paul Giametti [sic], i'm sticking with my rotgut. Nobody is ever going to stop drinking Pabst because a movie has deemed it uncool.

sadly enough, there was a pregnant, paint-huffing drifter who found herself in the center of a national battle on determining the fate of her baby up here in Canada. In Edmonton I think. I don't think the baby lived and a few days later, The mother was found dead in an alley.

Definitely a flick worth seeing -- not only for its satirical approach to both sides of the issue - but also for the stellar performance given by Burt Reynolds.

Then -- for a chaser -- you should take a shot of Bob Roberts.

I've always hated merlot, and now if you say that people think you're being trendy. Damn movie wasn't even that great.

I guess the death of an unborn baby is an "issue"

until you have one or you have a messed up baby in the womb
then it becomes an unfathomable
tragedy with life or death consiquences

sorry for that last comment
I can be a bit morbid at times

If Tippi Hedrin lands a helicopter in Schaivo's yard, I will pee myself.

On the subject of Merlot... I say if you like Merlot, drink Merlot, and to hell with what anyone else thinks.

As far as Mrs Schaivo is concerned... The president or the courts don't want to do anything that would set a precedent, so you can see why what they're doing may seem harsh. I'm sitting on the fence on this one.

Ha, I recently saw this and thought the exact same thing- it's so precognizant of the Schiavo case, it's scary.

Love the "Twin Peaks" reference in the blog name, btw.

Thanks, Steve. You're nice.

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