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March 18, 2005


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I just found out that as part of signing on permanently at work, I can now expense both my Netflix costs AND all movie tickets. WOOHOO! GO US!!

That is cool... Unless the movies have Ben Affleck, JLo, or Mariah Carey in them, in which case you may be suicidal after movie #2.

They don't look like those kinds of movies so you're probably safe.

That Bela Fleck movie sounds cool
"a must see" for me cause I am a bit of a picker, no Bela or Django mind you but like to play.

I saw him here in town, and would like to see the man behind the banjo. What makes a huy like that tick n such. I will await yyour reviews, where can we read them?

congratulations!! what's her name?? is she healthy??

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