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March 24, 2005


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Congrats on not barfing - especially while on camera. Definite blogger meet-up foul.

I'm sure your interview did mark the first time the word "esoteric" was used on News2.

The news said my girlfriend is the most powerful tool in cyberspace.

wow that is awsome!

Don't take offense to this, but you don't sound anything like I thought you would. I guess you could say that about anyone who previously existed only in words and photographs.

Congrats! Next stop: Oprah...

People I meet from the interweb are often surprised by my accent. I'm not sure why.

Did you managed to get any good interviews with people?

It sucks that I didn't get a chance to come talk to you but it was nice to see you (and everyone else) in the flesh!

Oh well - la prochaine?

good job!


aw, channel 2. that was really cool. if i'm in tennessee for longer than a week, i have the same accent.

the villager still has the big flag.

I've got it recorded for your viewing pleasure.. you can fast forward and rewind it as much as you would like.

I said "Jack, you gotta come look at her eyes"

:P I'm extremely proud of you!

You did a great job, Thanks for posting that, I didn't get to see it on the news.


knewman said tool.

You looked and sounded very nice. Good job. Only, why didn't you make them pan farther down your links? I could have been on TV, too, sort of.

By the way, I also had good fun playing it back and forth at high speed (so you speak like a Martian) and then stopping it here and there while your face is in different shapes. People are bendy!

BTW, what DID you say about Jason?

Erat, what she said will be included in the Special Edition DVD. Pre-order now at Amazon.

I would have gone, but I don't *snff* have a blog any more. Except on MySpace, which we all know doesn't count.

tried to e-mail you. i am needing your info for invitations. Hope all is well.

you looked beautiful and I love the hint of an accent.


I think you were very brave to talk on camera. So often as soon as the cameras turn on normally intelligent people suddenly turn into 1 syllable idiots. Good job maintaining your vocabulary and very nice to meet you.

Ah yes, shiny faces and double chins.. Not the fault of the photographer, just the subject.

Show us the pictures anyway!!

Oh, man, to go on camera high. You are my hero!

I'm impressed Britt, a lot of people turn into bumbling morons when the camera is pointed in their face. You were as articulate as I've ever seen anyone interviewed on the news...congratulations on not looking like an ass. ;-)

...and you sounded nothing like I thought you would. I was expecting a thicker accent, though maybe the clip was too short to pick it all up.

'sorry that we didn't get an opportunity to chat. Thanks for posting the video clip!

Britt, you are mad telegenic.

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