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March 15, 2005


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all I can say is
I didn't see that coming

hopefully it's not a smurf...

(please please please look at my flicker page...)

If this is a hoax, you got us. If it's for real, congratulations!

Wait till you have a little one. You'll get to watch all kinds of stuff on TV you'd be ashamed to admit watching as an adult. My daughter turns four today. She loves Pee Wee Herman and Betty Boop as much as any of the new crap. Wait till you catch yourself glued to Teletubbies and Boobah.

I just started reading your blog about a month ago. If you're really pregnant, congrats!

Okay, ya'll. Since when does hurty ears and a sore throat mean someone's pregnant.

I was kidding.


The hurty ears and sore throat part wasn't what caused me to think you're pregnant. It was the part where you said, "Oh my God, I am pregnant," that made me suspect something.

Yeah, that was a pretty direct hint. LOL

thank God I refrained from
giving you my
"miracle of life"

my spider sence wasn't tingling

Oh yea, I am really a girl



I knew you were kidding. . .

Wow...maybe its David Lynch's baby. I hear he can impregnate people through his movies and mini series.

Alright, that's it then. No Teletubbies for you till you hatch one.

I'm glad to hear you're not pregnant now, since you're trying to rejuvinate your writing career. I encourage you not to postpone it too long though. Not only is there the ever-ticking bioclock, but there's also the issue of age separation.

Depending on when she starts kindergarten, I'll be 58 or 59 when my daughter graduates from high school. I hope to share a long and fruitful relationship with her as an adult, but I also know that I'll be too old to be much more than a footnote in my grandchildrens' lives (if there are any). I'll just be the withered old guy propped up in the corner, drooling in my soup and talking about the old days. "C'mere, sonny. Lemme tell you 'bout how we all used to drop acid and watch lightning."

Also, that part where you said you had a bun in the oven.


I suspect the VCB is getting nervous right about now. ("Is she really joking? Hmmm...")

I have a feeling the VCB is in on it. The Internet told me.

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