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May 19, 2005


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Hello there, Chief, looks like you're one step behind us once again. If your officers there can do the heavy lifting we'll get on with our work.

Just noticed nashville isn't talking right now...

Directory Listing Denied.

Did you start drinking on the job again?

Hmm....still no Willow...Dirty Dancing? Do you think maybe your bf might mind you outing him online? Also missing: The city of lost children, Tombstone, the Proffessional, the Shawshank Redemption, Romeo and Juliet (old and new), Fiddler on the Roof... and many more...get busy!

damn I put two f's on professional again...you know I lost a spelling bee in 5th grade for that...some things never change.

I could watch Se7en's opening credits on a loop all day long and never get sick of it. Wow...

It's back now.

I just think it's funny that Shag: The Movie is listed as the bf's! My boyfriend would rather have a hot poker in the eye than to watch my copy of that movie! (I can't help it...so many good lines like: "Y'all is the horniest bunch of white folks I ever seen!")

Don't worry, you are not a nerd. If I had made that list, it would have been in alphabetical order.

If this nerd had made the list, it would be linked to Amazon and imdb.com. But this nerd still doesn't even have a blog.

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