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June 28, 2005


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For the record, I really dug A.I. But it -was- a downtrodden flick.

Argh. I've heard so many good things about War of the Worlds, but Cruise's nutball acting out (there's a pun) is keeping me away just the same.

Sure, Tom Cruise is crazy. But he's *lovable* crazy!

The ending of AI had the most disappointing ending ever.

I will probably go see War of the Worlds nonetheless. I am a sheep.

You do know AI was Stanly Kubricks last movie. He started he before he died and Speilberg finished it.

You can't say Kubrick Wasen't the man.

He was. And I did know that.

Still, that movie blew.

Add me to the list of A.I. admirers. A movie that raises questions like A.I. did is rare. I don't care that it was sad; the fact that it was sad is what made it work for me (why would watching a machine that's running a program make you sad? Think about it. That's not easy to pull off, and it raises all kinds of questions about what makes humans "human." That, and the fact that the most hideous characters in the movie were people, not machines).

I'll be damned if I'll ever watch A.I. again, but I still think the movie was well done.

AI did blow -and suck - all at once. I appreciate a "downer" flick, when it's done well. Ingmar Bergman's "Through The Glass Darkly" - now there was a downer done well.

Beware of the spider coming down the staircase.

I guessing that the spider walk scene in The Exorcist was an homage to Through The Glass Darkly.

Does anyone out there know what I'm referring to?

I haven't seen Tom's antics on Tv - and I grew up with a great appreciation for the original, so I'll be seeing this new one.

I think I will not see War of the Worlds because Tom Cruise is "batshit crazy" and offensive. I was never a big fan of the guy prior to this latest mess but he is doing nothing to improve my opinion with his idiocy and pendantic arguments. I think the overall response from him to anyone questioning his theories generally amounts to "nuh-uh!" "oh, yeah?" and "because I said so" Way to articulate, man!

It wasn't that is was sad. In the Bedroom is one of my favorite movies ever, for goodness' sake.

I hated the fact that there were about four false endings before the movie finally came to a close. It was the cheese factor, too, that really got me.

I saw only the last fifteen minutes of A.I., and it's still kinda bugging me. Aliens made the sad robot kid do what now?

Tom Cruise is a weirdo. Did you that Leonard Nimoy (Spock) haircut he had going on when that guy squirted him in the U.K.?

You got the whole scientology thing goin' on too . . .

I'm going to start signing all my letters:

A.I. really was abysmal, man,

Aliens? In A.I.?

tomkat. it's like i hate them so much but i can't stop reading about them. holmes is a robot and cruise is a gay midget. the real reason i don't want to see wotw is dakota fanning. she freaks the hell out of me. but i digress.

in the bedroom = beauty. i'm all about depressing movies, my friends get angry because whenever i suggest movie night they all know to bring kleenex. being depressed rules!

AI sucked, indeed. But I still have a soft spot for the whack job from back in the Mav days.

Tom, Bring back, that looovin' feeeelin'....

AI, when Haley Joel was still a kid and Jude Law a respectable husband and, albeit hot, father. I thought it was good, but lo-o-ong. Didn't buy it on DVD, so that says something.

Someone call a cease fire on the Tomkat action. It's getting nauseating. I'm thinking his old publicist may have been on the right track by keeping him on a leash.

The Cruise loves you. He REEEEEAAAALLLYY loves you. Why do you turn from The Cruise? Open yourself to The Cruise, and you open your eyes!

How can you say this about the man who brought us Hook, Jurassic Park, Always, and Minority Report?

I had no interest in seeing War of the Worlds either, until i heard the critic with the buttery voice give it a whiz-bang review on NPR. Now i kinda want to!

He says it's existentially bleak. Oooohh.

Okay, maybe those weren't aliens in A.I., but they were robotic and skinny. What were they?

"Advanced mechas." They were the machines that went on "living" long after people disappeared.

Let's remember to separate the "art" from the "artist," here. If Tom's histrionic mugging in his recent films haven't turned you off yet, I don't see why his histrionic mugging in real life should change your mind.

Did that make sense?

It does. But I am too tired of looking at him.

The movie might be good, but if the lead annoys me I probably won't like it much.

And, speaking of Histrionic, is this not Tom to a T, so to speak?

    Histrionic Personality Disorder:

    A pervasive pattern of excessive emotionality and attention seeking, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

    (X) is uncomfortable in situations in which he or she is not the center of attention
    ( ) interaction with others is often characterized by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior
    (X) displays rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotions
    ( ) consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self
    ( ) has a style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail
    (X) shows self-dramatization, theatricality, and exaggerated expression of emotion
    (X) is suggestible, i.e., easily influenced by others or circumstances
    (X) considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are

Did you see Tom get pranked? Some dude hid a water gun in a fake mic. Hilarious.

The review in Salon sums up what my impression was based on the trailer. Overwrought, heavy-handed, poorly-acted and dependent on imagery evoking 9/11. This buys into the right-wing agenda to keep us fearful and therefore complacent with the trashing of our rights. Yak! Yak!

Further there is a good article about Tom's sudden rise in the Scientology spotlight. The whole thing is kinda really creepy.

Mostly because people are sold on a movie before they see it, I've come to this rule of thumb:

The more a studio hypes a movie, the greater the likely hood the movie will suck. Studios know long in advance, through much surveying, whether people are really going to like a movie. If the survey says, "it sucks" then the studio is push the sale all the more, so you get it in your mind to see it before you hear the reviews, and what your friends have to say about it.

If the movie is good, the studios can depend on the word of mouth to sell the movie. And they can then save lots of money on advertising.

Thanks for mentioning the bajillion fake endings in AI. That bugged the crap out of me.

Most high quality movies are box office duds; only a few manage to rise to the top of the heap. It's rare that word of mouth is sufficient to make a good movie a success. Hype may be annoying, but it's almost always necessary to some degree.

Want a real indicator that a movie's going to suck? If the studio doesn't show the thing in advance for movie reviewers, that's a good indication that the studio thinks the movie's a dud. So if you see no reviews of a movie before it's released -- good or bad, it doesn't matter -- steer clear.

and i thought i was the only one who knew that A.I. sucked bilge water.

and tom cruise is a fucking whack job...what a freak, and i don't mean the good kind. i was going to see war of the worlds until he pulled that crazy stunt...i'm not donating my $8.50 either. freaks.

And, I thought I was the only one who noticed the center tooth! During Eyes Wide Shut, one of his lines went something like, "Am I missing something?", to which I fully expected Nicole Kidman's character to reply, "Yeah, a tooth." Alas, I didn't write the screenplay.

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