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June 15, 2005


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Sorry if I offended you. The people who were in the front of anti-Bush rallies for moveon.org(?) and such really has hurt the cause. The screams of conspiracy theories have become chicken little like. I want the patriot act, the TSA, and Bush to fall hard.

By the way.
" I smell like lilacs and strawberries and fresh rain."

I would recommend dry rose oil. Smells great on my dear miss. Her one bottle has lasted almost a year now.

Not offended. But calling liberals stinky might make your argument less valid.

I actually don't smell like any of those things.

Ah, the computer worker's ass. The stuff of legends! Sedentary jobs are dangerous in their own ways. Sometimes I think my biggest health liability is my sit-on-my-ass job.

Nothin' wrong with a little extra cargo in the caboose! I'm a big fan.

Likewise, I don't miss hauling 80 lbs sacks of of Quickcreet around the parking lot at Lowe's, but I do miss (or rather don't miss) all the weight I lost at that job.

As a former bartender/server turned office worker I can attest to the speed at which the junk settles into your trunk upon the change of careers. Also, my arms - once toned bands of steel from carrying trays and shaking many martinis - have turned into pathetic, limp, slightly-flabby noodles. Welcome to the club, here's your rice cake and water.

that's it tubby i'm outta here

Hi, i heard that Hugh Jass is here. May i speak with him?

Time to re-visit fp5krunners?

I used to wait tables and I loved how toned my arms and butt were. Sigh.

You still rock, big ass or no. (Or was I supposed to be sensitive and dispute the bigness of your ass? 29 years of guydom and I still haven't got that figured out.)

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