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June 24, 2005


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I'm with you on this one Brittney. Family got a hold of my blog and now my mom shows it to her co-workers. Going incognito is the way to go...

No matter what occurs. No matter where you go, no matter how far, we will find you.

Yeah...it kinda sucks now. If you move, send me an email of your new one cuz I won't be able to find it...trust me. Finding you was a major fluke.

once you have it up make sure you link to it

Marcos has stirred a fire in me. "Kinda sucks now"?

Oh, that does it, I'm bringing this blog back to life IN A BIG WAY.

Not to get all marketing-ish on you but this is your brand we're talking about here. This blog put you on the Internet map and was instrumental in getting you a killer job at a local TV station. Thousands of bloggers out there would kill to get the notoriety that your blog has. If you dilute the content here you may be hurting your most valuable professional asset (other than your ability to write, of course). Just my $0.02.

For what it's worth, I'm going to be doing an anonymous blog for the same reasons you're considering doing one. Living in Utah, I'm surrounded by people who tsk-tsk anything that contains profane content. I'm fed up with the parental atmosphere even among adults that I associate with so I'm going incognito (only family and friends read my blog anyway. It won't be missed). Constantly editing yourself for content sucks.

Ya know, you are probably right. I need to try harder to keep this blog fresh and good. I just need to be more creative about what I post. I also need to better manage my time. But after nearly two months at the job, I'm getting better at that.

This is all very new to me. I've never had a job where I had my own desk. I don't even have a single picture up. For a while I had the press photo of this guy they fired a while back known as the Intimidator. One of my co-workers gave it to me to inspire me. But I took it down.

I don't want you to be censored. Who cares who reads your website, it's your thoughts, your beautiful mind that has gotten you where you are today. I wouldn't change a thing about it, no matter WHAT!

No, no, no. Don't move we love you. Just try harder because it is all about us!

Funny, I just did exactly what you are considering...

But that is not why I am writing. Actually, I just wanted to ask, is this Natalee Holloway thing starting to sound like Twin Peaks or what?


Liiiiiivejournal. Liiiiiivejournal. :)

There is also this thing called paper, upon which you can write whatever you want. It is relatively private also.

i didnt ask for your personal blog address to keep you form being you. you are you and i love you for that . dont change BE YOUR SELF. well mabbe a little less about your love life ha'

I am not ashamed of anything I have written. It's just when you KNOW parents and co-workers are reading you can't help but rein it in some.

Maybe you could just trade blogs with somebody else and let it be know that the role of "Brittney" will henceforth be played by this other blogger. You and said blogger would simply trade audiences.

Just a thought.

Mr. Camino, as usual you are brilliant.

Brittney, that 'John Galt' asshole certainly acts like he's better than you. Let him blog as you for a while and prove it.

Hey, if you do create a secondary blog, email me a link, mmkay?

And if you still need a pseudonym... how 'bout Sue de Nym?

My blog is still fairly anonymous... but lately more friends have been logging on.

I feel that it definitely restricts what I'm willing to write about.

It's one thing when your readers are anonymous and quite another when your cousin might be reading.

I definately regret telling some people I know about my blog too. I can't write half the stuff I would like to write! It's not much of an online journal when you can't write out your true feelings.

The social phenomenon of censoring yourself when you are talking face to face with people leaks into blogs once they become popular.

Just yesterday, I went to a yarn store, and the lady who owns the place pulled up my website on her cash register/computer, and started showing it to her employees and customers.

And, the first thing that flashed into my mind was, "Oh, shit, have I written anything offensive?"

Because we are not looking at the recipients of our blog we are lured into a false sense of privacy. Up until the advent of blogs, our innervoice was a prisoner of our mind.

Our innervoice has now been let out to play with the others, but it has yet to learn the social skills necessary to get along with others.

Eventually, we will all adjust and learn to be civil - and we will more than likely develop new skills by which to say the things we want to without being needlessly offensive -

At least, I hope to achieve this one day.

I hope you will continue to write as it is one way I can find out what is going on with you and the boyfriend. As a mother I do like to know what my children are enjoying in life. I may not agree with all of the decisions made or the opinions expressed, but it has afforded me the opportunity to get to know you better. Keep writing.

The boyfriend's mom!

(Hi, The Boyfriend's Mom.)

At the risk of -- I don't what it's at the risk of, but I have an pseudonymous blog on which I get all my crap out, and it's wonderful. I don't use names, there's no contact information, it's a parking spot for my no-one-wants-to-hear-this-shit-for-the-millionth-time neuroses and my times when someone I care about is being a jackass. Not to mention the stuff I don't want my grandparents reading. (My grandma reads my blog. I have no idea how she found it. She doesn't even mind all the cussing. I love my grandma.)

If you think your sanity needs it, go for it. I have faith that that this place won't suffer.

i found that posting pictures more than made up for posting words. who needs words?

Just put some sort of blanket disclaimer at the bottom that you're not ever ever serious and if someone gets offended point them there. Even if you really hate them. This works, really.

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