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August 01, 2005


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Wow! That just about freaked me out when I saw my blog on that clip. When did that air? I'm surprised I missed it since, of course, I watch News2 constantly ;)

You did great, BTW. Very good TV presence. And, I didn't see no double-chin, either.

I can play AVI files and Quicktime files on just about any operating system that could be considered remotely "mainstream," but I'll be damned if Windows Media streams work without jumping through hoops, assuming they work at all.

To all you folks at the TV station that are reading this, take note: You're potentially locking out at least 5% of your advertising market (actually, it's probably closer to 10% if you include the rest of the non-Windows world) by sticking with Windows Media. Get with the times and move to a streaming media format that is CROSS-PLATFORM, okay? The world isn't owned by Microsoft anymore.

And no, the standalone Windows Media Player for Macs doesn't work as a plugin.


Ditto. My guess is that it uses the utterly useless WMV3 codec, which - as far as I can tell - exists only to torment Mac users, who have never and most likely will never have a version of that codec at their disposal.

Oh well... just another way that I won't see NewsChannel2 content.

I'm on Windows and it doesn't work for me either. But yeah, QuickTime streaming is better in every way.

Dear Clueless News 2 Web Team (not Brittney),

When presenting video on the web you need to provide at least two formats to ensure optimal reach. Choose two of the following: Quicktime, Real, Windows Media. Or, better yet, you can provide a plain old MPG file. You can also get with the times and provide an FLV stream. Provide both and you have instant reach to 98% + of your audience!

MPG and Flash Video eliminate almost of compatibility problems between browsers and platforms. Sure MPG files are firggin' huge but FLV files don't have to be. The point of the web is to share information easily to your whole audience. Someone must have missed that memo.

Lastly we need to start thinking about a web site redesign. We need more white space, content separation, and the ability for users to feel engaged, not overwhelmed.

Thank you.

"Doocee" -- HA!!!!

Wow, it disappeared fast. I didn't have the correct codec on my Mac, either, and by the time I went there on a PC it was gone.


It is there now.

No double chin, Brit...you did very well. When will you get a chance to sit in front of a studio cam with da big people?

Ditto on the codec problems...and I thought that I have everything imaginable. Needed acelpacm.inf and sl_anet.acm added to my Windows 2000 machine in order to view the videos...weird.

someone get a mop i am bursting with pride.

A crappy WorldNow contract prevents us from presenting video in any other way. That contract is almost up.

And I'm surprised no one has mentioned the bag of Cheetos on my desk. I'm shocked my mouse hand (bitten nails and all) didn't have orange fingers. Mike accosted me at the snack machine. His story had fallen through, and he was desperate for something. Hence this story.

I wish I'd Frizz-Eased my hair first. And put on lipstick. And had not been eating Cheetos.

VERY cool, B! I got it up on Win XP.


Weird. Nashville tv doing a blog spot. And she's a Firefox user. ^^ TV makes one extremely self-conscious, come to find out..

way to go Brittney! and I'm sure you do more than "blog blog blog and blog some more".

Awesome job, Brittney!

(Btw, did I really just hear him say "Doocee"?!)

Nice. Interesting hearing a voice to go with the "voice" I had in my head for you. As a side note, I loved that guy who said he didn't have time to blog because of, among other things, all the women. Ha! Good stuff.

That is quite cool, young lady. I am enamored of your twang.

I guess I'm accustomed to hearing the mid-Missouri twang. I don't hear an accent when you speak. Now if you were from Alabama or someplace like that, then you could claim a gen-u-wine accent. My late brother-in-law was from Birmingham, and while he was very well educated and articulate, I always envisioned blue-tick hounds at his feet when he spoke.

great blog

Nice job, Brittney! And, thanks for the encouraging word at my site. I suspect I'll post occasionally on how it goes...

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