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August 13, 2005


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My high school Latin teacher was a strange woman. I think all that study of dead languages makes you crazy. But don't ever let her hear you call it a dead language.

Semper ubi sub ubi. alwayws wear your underwear. Only thing I remember from Latin class.

We sang Beatles' songs in my high school Latin class. I don't remember anything but trying to make "sit" work for the chorus of "Let it be".

"Is latin really dead?" ~Max Fisher, from Rushmore

Sorry to hear about your teacher. I bet he would be chuffed to know that you were writing about him though!

It is always great to read others' appreciation of teachers that had lasting positive impressions on their students. It takes a real gift to not only be smart but an excellent, engaging teacher. It is good to see that his influence lives on in his absence.

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