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August 21, 2005


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I would've definitely gone with bulleting instead of numbering that list, as I wasn't really listing pros in order to convince anyone. Also, look into the Shiba Inu...its such an amazing dog...medium sized and very independant. Highly intelligent and very beautiful, yet not at all a pussy. Its like a dog that acts like a cat...its a cat-dog! They're hard to find though as they are native to Japan, but if you find one, especially a black and tan one, go for it! I love my little Mitsu!

A puppy?! Are you the luckiest girl in the whole city today or what? Have you been over by Love at First Sight on Murphy?

I can't go in there because I'm not strong enough to not want to take all of the puppies home with me, but it's still fun to look.

Don't get a terrier, no matter how big. A lab mix can be very nice as can any hound mix (although they can be wanderers and howlers when they're awake).

One thing I didn't know about until I got this current dog was the whole crate training thing. I thought it was cruel, but my dog really liked knowing that there's one easily guarded area that is just hers. We don't have room for it in our current apartment, but she uses the bathtub in the same way now.

how about a boston terrier that you can dress up in different outfits? if you get gidget are you going to change the name? i guess this is the closest i get to being an aunt for a while. i saw the photos of the house. i am so super duper jealous. the only thing you need is a garden and you are all set.
so. jealous.

Welcome to the 'hood.

Well I hope that you choose Gidget. Because she's a cross she'll have better genes than a pedigree dog (incestious breeding isn't good, look at welsh people!), so she'll be healthier and have a better temperment.
As you said if you don't get the pound puppy someone else will but the 4 month old one will probably just get put to sleep.

Congrats Brittney! Go for a pound puppy

Hoorah on finding a house with room for all the boyfriend's stuff and a fenced yard for a dog! Yeikes surely wouldn't be speaking of anyone she knows would she?

Your boyfriend has even more stuff stored at his mom's house. Never know hen you might need something. Congrats on the house and the puppy. Can't wait to hear more about it.

Bathtubs? What's the big deal? I sit down and shave all the time.

East Nashville's a good choice. Loved living there myself.

There. Is. A. Bathtub. Ladies, I know you are going to feel me on this. I haven't had a bath in 15 months. Only showers. No luxurious soaks. No shaving sitting down. None of that. I'm going to spend half a day stewing in that bathtub right out the gate.

Hey now, are you calling me a lady?!

Congrats! You'll really have fun, especially with the puppy.

Personally, I would get a younger puppy so that you can bond with it a bit more easily.
The thing about puppies, though, is that it is NEVER that hard to bond with them.

Welcome to the world of Crazy Dog People.

Hooray for you! The next thing, indeed, is to BUY a house. It's not really that hard to do. There's nothing quite like your own place - no shared walls, painting anything anyway you like, decorating the outside for Halloween and Christmas, etc. Have fun.

After going to Anipalooza this weekend, I'd suggest going to the humane society for a dog. Love At First Sight is a wonderful place but those dogs are guaranteed to get adopted.

Get Gidget. :)

You know what is so funny? My house has a bathtub and no shower. I would give anything to take a nice relxing shower right now, instead of a stupid bath... LOL

Welcome to the neighborhood! You're going to love it. Make sure to check out the dog park too when you get your new baby.

The ice cream man is truly here just about every day. He doesn't always change his music though, and one of the songs also talks to you. It can get annoying, but well worth it on hot ass weekends when you've been out mowing and weeding all day.

That Ice Cream Man had a pretty modern sound system. None of that Casiotone on an 8-track warbly midrange crap. It sounded like he was sellin' ringtones or something.

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