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September 11, 2005


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you have a lovely "tv voice".

Yeah, I'm taken by the voice -- it positively oozes BJ* authority!

*For those who didn't take Comm classes in college, this stands for Broadcast Journalism, not blowjob.

Hi Brit---very nice. And you do have a very good voice for this. As a viewer, the only suggestion I could make is that it would have been awesome to see a few finished products in close-up, in particular that big Grand Ole Oprie (sp?) poster. But terrific first effort! I'd love to see a longer piece on this wonderful, traditional-methods poster shop!

Erg, a fuller thought, re:the above. A piece like this has immense viewer appeal...it's a little bit of old-fashioned sanity in this big, crazy world. I think though there's an unspoken promise to the viewer, that says something like "This traditional method of poster making delivers a product of higher quality, that allows the skill and imagination of the poster artist to shine though, more-so than mass-produced posters do." And then *pow* show us a few of these terrific, hand-produced posters, and you've fulfilled the piece's promise to the viewer. Sorry for the wordiness. I'm not sure if this is helpful or not, but again, very nice effort! :)

Excellent work, BG! I was sad when it ended. Hook us up with an extended director's cut or something.

You made a great choice to select Hatch Print. Classical iconic Nashville staple worth examing. Good job on the cuts and the voice-over. I think you have a future here (c:

Very cool. Very nice job. Sometimes the crying is all worth it.

Nice stuff, BG, you have learned much in a very compressed time and it shows!

While we're all nit-picking, I would like to see an establishing shot of the storefront over your opening VO. High marks on story telling though, way-to-go!!

The "VJ style" is such that exteriors are forbidden. At least in training anyway. Apparently exteriors stop the action cold, but your suggestion, with it right up front or something--that wouldn't be so bad. It is nothing more than a storefront though.

I was only there to shoot video that day. I didn't go there to get a story. I was only practicing. That is why I don't have a nice shot of a finished product. Or more interviews. But I did what I could with it.

Looks good!

Mazel Tov! I feel like a proud Jewish mother! I knew you when...
A wonderful effort...nice cuts and use of a low angle shot, as well as composition.
You're on your way, grrl! A fabulous future.

one more thing... isn't there a 'junk food' to 'video footage' ratio that we need to hear about? *grin*

Wow, what a voice. Video's not bad, either.

I can see podcasting in your future.

I enjoyed it. I see you've softened the accent for TV.

Great work on a compelling subject. My take on the accent is different from some of the others, however. I wish it was a little more pronounced. I'd never know you were from the Southern U.S. by listening to the segment. Based on the few recordings of your voice I've heard, your accent is already pretty mild. It's not like you sound like a toothless Dukes of Hazzard extra. Don't homogenize yourself--your accent is part of your character and your identity.

I'd actually like to see a longer segment on Hatch. I'm studying letterpress printing in one of my classes so the subject is especially interesting to me.

And I'll echo the "nice job" sentiment! I couldn't do it, that's for sure.

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