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September 17, 2005


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'looks like she's a sweet pup!

I'm loving the name and her flippty floppity ears. Congratulations!

Ray Raby, Ras Roar Rather Rhe Ret Rof Ra Reief? Rerause Ri Rink Rou've Rust Rollen Ry Reart. Rou Ranna Ro Ret Rome Ribble Rexressros Romerime?

Cute Dog!

I do have to warn you, though. It looks like it's also going to be a big dog, too. If you let it on the couch now, it's going to be impossible to keep him from getting on it later, and not much is grosser than a couch covered in shaggy dog hair, or more unnerving than having guests over and having an 80 pound dog jump in their lap, because after all, it's their couch.

Besides, on the floor you can wrestle!

One of our dogs looks a lot like this:


Holy fuck, that dog is kyoot.


So your dog and both of ours are named after television/movie characters.

That's it, i'm officially changing Agent Cooper's name to "Namagooji Brendleprest."

Because that's original.

Awww....too cute! :)

Congratulations Brittany!! :) Tootie Cutie is adorable!





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