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January 21, 2006


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I only went to one dance in Jr. High. By the time I was totally dance-worthy (8th grade) I was back at the Christian School where dancing was forbidden.

Oddly, though, I did eat a snickers and drink a sprite at my one school dance. Seriously. Isn't that wierd?

Oh. I didn't dance with anybody either.

I wasn't into Snickers, or anything with peanuts or shell nuts, back then, but yoooooo mama am I addicted to Snickers now. I just tried that Cherry Vanilla Coke that they've been advertising all over the Pittsburgh DMA, and let me tell you, that is their only passable attempt at those quasinostalgic flavored Cokes. And it is mighty fine!

But anyhow, no Sprite and Snickers for me back then. I went to 4 high schools in 3 states, so I don't know the norm as far as how and when dances are conducted. I do know that the boarding school in Arizona I went to in my senior year had lots of them, and I went to them all, except prom. I enjoyed the loud music. I was never hung up---or very interested, even--with the whole dating scene. I guess I just moved around too much. Plus, at all four schools, I was the only disabled person (spina bifida), so I never thought to bother with that. I did, however, very much enjoy the loud music (they played lots of 80's, which is the bulk of what I listen to, even in 1994), and really liked seeing everybody all prettied up (although now it sickens me that parents will allow teens to spend hundreds on a dress for a stupid dance). One quirk of my school in Arizona is that all the high school kids liked to line dance. Hokey, but really cool and really Zonie as well.

Prom I skipped out on just because my grades were bad and I was ashamed to ask my parents for $60 to go to it, even though they later said they'd have encouraged me.

So that's my story. :p

Aw, to think there was probably some shy guy wondering how to ask you to dance, and wondering why you always cry when you eat snickers.

You were so not alone. The girls bathroom was the crying station. You never knew who you'd find bawling in there. I made more than a few trips there myself because I wasn't quite up to the junior high standard of beauty. But I do remember the one and only time that someone cool asked me to dance - it was to the Covergirls' "Promise Me." Oy.

Very nice.


We like your blog so much we've declared you a goddess and linked to you. Wish you'd write more often.

Mary and the Widow's Son

..what a great story! That actually took me back..I was in Germany for 8th-11th grade and the dances were just like that...I dragged someone to the dance floor and I KNEW she acted like she didn't want to..but now..I KNOW the truth...darn her...whateverhernameis.
Anyhow, very well written.

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