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January 24, 2006


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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmswiss cheese. I just hope that cow is laughing with you and not at you.

I need to go to Madison, Wisconsin to dine at a pizza joint. A place or two out there has swiss as a cheese topping. Never had it that way.

That's a really cool website. It's pretty crazy how the walnuts and meat add up to so much of the fat. After my M I need to start doing something like that. You would be AMAZED how I can eat right now!! I am a human garbage disposal!

I read your blog and am wowed at the food you can eat and stay so slim.

Pizza, fajitas...damn woman. That is why I am trying to learn to be a runner.

I should sign up just to fry their server, shouldn't I?

this is awesome. i'm definitely going to check this out.. after one more cup of butterfinger ice cream.

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