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June 27, 2006


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PBJ sounds better anyway.

I would have rather had PB&J than the pizza I ended up eating tonight.

"I'd like a large thin crust with pepperoni and onions."




We have a Roma's? I had no idea. Not that I'd call for delivery, obviously.

You're eating pizza at what, 11pm?

Ha!!! Both our Roma's here in Smyrna and LaVergne are equally incompetent. But their pizza is SO good.


Just as well...you'd probably have gotten Pup-peroni instead of--hey wait! I've solved the case of the incompetent pizza parlor!

That place must only understand Scooby-speak, so next time you want a pizza, just put Tootie on the line!

I've actually had Roma deliver meat pizza when I ordered vegetarian, so that's always fun.

(Nice to meet you last night, BTW, if a bit briefly!)

I've had a lot of problems with the Smyrna and Lavernge locations too! Once I called the Lavernge one and was so frustrated just trying to find out the specials that i said "i'll think about it" and hung up... HE CALLED ME BACK. As of tonight we'll be neighbors (we are moving the east nash)! I'll have to deal with that Roma's now... yay!

I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. Sounds like someone either had plugged ears or was purposefully being difficult!

forget about roma and move on over to little italy. i've never had a communication breakdown with them. seriously. but stay away from the taco pizza, it's boring.

Well I have had the pizza at the Inglewood location plenty of times this past year and everytime I go in I get great service. As far as delivery I feel as though they do the best they can. If you want it to get to your house on time I would ask how long the wait would be and if they are busy. Roma's pizza Inglewood is just like every other fast food place and when they get busy they go as fast as they can. I think it was very rude for that person with the first comment to give a fake address. They are very busy and the streets are constantly changing so why mess with that business. When that happens you are messing with the service of everyone else. That wasn't even for that location Roma's Pizza Inglewood is in east nashville and that location was for the south nashville Roma's. Roma's Pizza Inglewood only know the streets around them so if you are confused ask if they delivery to your address first.

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