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June 25, 2006


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Very nice.
Although I guess it isn't a secret anymore.
Pies ... umm.

Nice design..cool pics.

So is it just me or do you have a thing for Twin Peaks?

You know your love of Disney? How it feels like home in a way?

Twin Peaks is my Disney. It's home.

Nice stuff. Cool vids, too.

Gimme a Vox invite.

Yeah, anyone who wants a starter invite can have one.
Starter invitations eventually become full fledged accounts so you can have a Vox blog. Starter accounts let you comment, make a member profile, and create a neighborhood.

How does one get a starter invite? Their web site only offers a wait list.

Twin Peaks is my Disney. It's home.

You know, I can really see that. One of my favourite parts about the show is how it has--better than ANY other show out there, ever--a sense of THEREness. You feel that the the place really does exist.

Dang, girl, how many blogs you got?

That's what I'm sayin' Jag. I'm drowning trying to keep my one and only blog more interesting than a pre-flight safety demo. I just can't wrap me brain around doing this for a living, but admire the hell out of those that do. I suppose I like the "blog culture" more than the actual writing sometimes (unless it serves a therapeutic purpose, which is always great)

I'll have to get me a vox account, see what this Twin Peaks thang is all about.

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