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July 19, 2006


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My mother (if I may be so bold, if not, remove link) has been waffling at the idea of getting her first book published for over a year at least. She keeps saying it'll get done, but she seems way more enamored (is that a word?) by the process than seeing the published product, which seems well into the future still, though she denies it.

No reason not to do a book. My mother's is just basically a life story, with some freewriting additives from me. The process seems mighty (geez, I'll use that word all night now) slow and complicated. I know it won't be a career path for me.

Hey, I'm in it too! Good show.

Hey, me three! Dang, it's like the who's-who of hot lady bloggers.


OMG.. That's AWESOME. I've read this post like 3 times now and it took this last time to understand that you were IN the book.

Woo Woo!!!!!

So, Brittney, what is YOUR book going/already about?

Goof for you, Brittney. You are the shining star of Nashville.

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