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July 16, 2006


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Cool car and nice rims. Pimp my ride.

I agree. Those rims are TITE!!!

It irks me that VW dropped the Golf nameplate in favor of Rabbit. The Rabbit is a cool car, but it is a rebadged Golf, not a smaller cousin thereof.

But anyhow, your car is definitely a Golf, and definitely freaktastic. Which is good.

hey..looking good (and the car is nice too!).. you could be one of those car 'models', highlighting the 'rides'.

cool car and i agree with C. Wage re the rims..tite!

The car is looking damn good. Nice rims for sure!

So cute!!!!

Wow. It looks brand new! I'm happy for you. Have you named it?

I like the picture of you leaning on the hood, looking to the left (your right). It could be a shot from an VW brochure.

I have always wanted one of those.

As for the Golf / Rabbit name, wasn't the Gold a rebadged Rabbit first?

Well, depends what part of the world you are, I think. I think the original Rabbit was called the Golf in Europe and other places. To us, the Golf, I think, has previously always meant the bigger cousin to the Rabbit (well, at least until the original Rabbit was discontinued).

Regardless, the bottom photo is great. It completely goes against the sarcastic tone of "cunting up the interweb".

Absolutely cute! Have a blast with it!

Congrats! I bought a car too, a S40Volvo and I am in love.

my first visit to your website and i'm already insanely jealous. great.

I disagree, Cory, I feel more than sufficently cunted.

Ooooo.... sweet! Congrats on the new wheels!

Pimp ride, yes. Now with cleavage you saucy saucy wench ;-)

REAR fog lights?
Do you do a lot of reverse driving in the fog?

Nice shoes. :P

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