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August 07, 2006


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I concur. I don't know that I could pilot an automatic anymore.

stick is better than automatic
rock is better than scissors
those orange cupcakes are better than the yellow ones

The debate about the manual shift seems strange here in France and in Europe in general since most of the cars have a stick !

i too heart manual shift, and women who prefer it. however, there is a shift (pardon that) occurring where automatics will soon be cheaper because so many more are being made/sold. not that it matters..

I had a difficult time finding a "used" stick shift that suited me. I finally gave up and got an automatic. I can actually eat and drive now w/out flinging taco bell lettuce while i'm hitting 2nd. I do miss it though.

Here's a scary thought: in the US manual transmissions are in the process of being phased out on some cars.

For example, Toyota's 2006 RAV4 is only available with an automatic transmission. You used to have a choice, but that choice has been taken away. And in Utah, even cars that give you the option are hard to find without automatics. Hell, even sports cars have automatic transmissions nowadays. That just seems wrong to me.

I can't drive automatics. Last time I tried I slammed on the brakes when reaching for the non-existent clutch pedal. I'm lost without a manual transmission.

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