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December 26, 2006


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I've never even heard of sock garters (should I even be admitting that?). Sounds like some sort of medical clothing, like...ohhh...I forget what they're called....something like orthopedic stockings or something.

Silly -- only old men wear sock garters. Old men aren't sexy.

But Jeffraham, sock garters aren't hot on women either. My theory is that it's because stocking garters are on your thighs, which lead up to the promise of soft ladybits. Sock garters are on calves, which only lead up only to the promise of knees.

No woman has ever worn sock garters, ever. I am convinced of this!

um....WHAT?!?! You people are kidding, right? Of COURSE women wear sock garters!
go to accessories and sock garters. Sure, not all of them are sexy, but they ARE NOT UGLY! They serve a function. Hold up socks.
These are hand-made too.
Most by my wife.
*stomps off all offended*

Of COURSE women wear sock garters!

Oh, goodness. I'm far too young to need Viagra, so I'll refrain and take your WORD for it...

We sell lots of sock garters to women of all ages. They are not men's garters, we don't even carry those. My wife, mid 30's, and another girl, mid 20's,makes alot of them by hand. They sell really well.
Some people might be suprised at how many sock enthusiasts there are in the world, and they know all about sock garters. My wife makes, wears and sells them, so there. I've enlightened S&21 readers about sock garters. I'm at the verge of taking this personally.

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