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February 14, 2007


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that's funny. ian actually did lock us out last night. i was in my pajamas and his shoes. lucky for us, the upstairs neighbor had a key.

Must be something in the air, I locked myself out of the house Monday morning wearing just my bathrobe and shoes. Thankfully I learned from the time before when I locked myself out and had to bribe the little boy behind me to come over and crawl through the doggie door. I have a hidden key.

I'm checking your page every day for the next chapter of Restaurant chronicles....Damn you I need a fix!

honestly, it depends on what you mean by crystal pepsi. the original that tasted like pepsi, or the later version that was an attempt at sprite.

Oh, wow! How lucky! I would have been upset if I had been locked out. That's one of the things I'm very conscientious about whenever I lock my front door, because I know I'm the only person who has a key (other than the rental office, and who wants to deal with them except when absolutely necessary?). :)

so no panties huh

I am keeping fingers crossed for snow this weekend, I want to see Cooper and Tootie snow pics (or video)!!

I meant to ask you when I saw you a couple of weeks ago if Cooper was still doing the constant whining thing, or if you'd found out anything about what was up with that.

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