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February 27, 2007


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meow meow post or gtfo meow

I like beer to...but not enough to get a tatoo of my fav's (Michelob AmberBock) logo. Good thing that was a dream.

(A good English Boddingtons comes in a close second at Dan McGuiness, btw)

I would be so relieved to wake up. Although if you were gonna get any beer tattoo, I'm given to understand by the beer drinkers in my life that Yazoo beers would be the one to celebrate.

At least you didn't shave your head.

what's the big deal??? I have the miller lite logo across my back...
just kidding.

I want to get a High Life logo on my bicep. And then I'll get ECNALUBMA across my forehead.

ooh... i do love the yazoo... mmmmmm...

yeah i hate finding cat hair in my bra too.

funny post ;-)

I would laugh, except the bra thing is not a dream and more a fact of life for me.

Well, okay, maybe not HEAPS of cat hair.

Sounds great! a tattoo of your favorite beers, sounds cool, keep on blogging! good work! PS: I Like your blog

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